Fitting, Sizes & Product Care

We use standard EU/UK equivalent sizes to assist you in selecting the perfect size. However, if you are in between sizes or have slightly broader feet, we advise you to go to the next size up.

Because of natural leather and materials used, our Juttis will take shape with your left and right feet when worn for a short time.



Care Instructions for your Jutti

1)      Storage: These Juttis are made with the finest quality of materials and are delicate. It is important to maintain their shine and texture. Store these Juttis in a soft and breathable bag.

2)      Applying Mustard oil: Although we have taken extra care to make sure our juttis are extremely soft, if your feet are feeling extra sensitive, then line the inside of your juttis with mustard oil for a day and leave. 

3)      Cleaning Juttis: We recommend Dry Clean only for our embroidered juttis. For leather juttis you may clean them carefully with leather wipes.

4)      Avoid Moisture: Keep your juttis in a dry place and away from moisture. If at all exposed to moisture please dry them out for few hours before storing.